What We Love To Do

Mobile Games

Imagine and develop mobile games for the pleasure and entertainment of our users.

Youtube content

Produce videos to give our fans access to resources related to our games.

Ambitious project

We want to evolve in this field to be able to live from our passion.

Our Team


Stephen Leroy

"Your time is limited, do not ruin it by leading an existence that is not yours..."
(Steve Jobs)


Matthew Leroy

"Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground."
(Theodore Roosevelt)


William Thomas

"True happiness does not depend on any being, on any external object. It is up to us alone."
(Dalaï Lama)


Maxence Picot

"Every time you find yourself on the same side as the majority, it's time to step back and think."
(Mark Twain)

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